Lawn and Garden

This particular package is comprised of 10 articles related to Lawnmowers, with each article optimized to its keyword. All articles are approx. 500 word-count and come in .txt format. They can be imported into the Ultimate PLR Collection software.

A list of of the article titles are:
  1. Advantages of Electric Lawnmower
  2. Exmark Mowers: Durability is a Winner
  3. John Deere Lawnmower
  4. How to Repair you Lawn Mower
  5. Why People Love Lawn Tractors
  6. Key Features of a Push Lawn Mower
  7. Riding Lawn Mower: Have Fun Cleaning Your Lawn
  8. Snapper Mowers: Mow Your Yard in a Snap
  9. Walk Behind Mower Types: Identifying The Best
  10. The Benefits of a Zero Turn Lawn Mower